GeMUN 2018

Main Topic: Governance and Cooperation

General Assembly GA

  • Balancing Security and Human Rights in Multilateral Cooperation against terrorism.

Social, Cultural and Humanitarian Committee SOCHUM

  • Promoting cooperation between countries on the topic of migration and human trafficking.
  • Tackling the question of improving living standards in LEDC.

Disarmament and International Security Committee DISEC

  • Question of monitoring cyber and digital tools such as drones and their potential use in cyber warfare.
  • Efforts to contain the proliferation of illegal weapons production worldwide.

Security Council SC          

  • The political and social instability in Venezuela.
  • The issue of North Korea.

Special Political and Decolonization Committee SPD

  • Establishing international laws and regulations for border control processes in order to improve the regulations of the migration phenomenon.
  • Improving diplomatic relations between Europe and Libya in order to address the issue of exploitation of migrants.

Economic and Social Council  ECOSOC

  • Divergences in global monetary policy and extreme volatility of currencies in relations to the EURO and US DOLLAR.
  • Implementing the development cooperation forum (DCF) in order to strengthen transparency in financial investments for UN funds.
  • The question of achieving a more efficient international response to natural disasters.

Environment Commission EnvCom

  • Measures to promote the use of renewable sources of energy in order to reduce pollution, enforced by national governments.
  • The environmental impact of the exploitation of mineral resources such as the Amazon Rainforest ecoregions.
  • Promoting scientific research for the development and implementation of alternative sources of energy.


  • Using governmental influence to guarantee awareness about world heritage sites in order to contain the effects that mass-tourism has on them.
  • Promoting democracy in order to grant free access to education for all.
  • Improving measures to strengthen international cooperation between countries in the preservation of world heritage sites.

International Court of Justice  ICJ

  • Case concerning Certain Iranian Assets (Islamic Republic of Iran v. United States of America)


Advisory Panel for Political and Legal Challenges to International Governance and Cooperation

  • Enhancing International Cooperation on Climate Change Mitigation under the Paris Agreement
  • Balancing Security and Human Rights in Multilateral Cooperation against terrorism