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GeMUN 2017 Agenda
GeUniMUN 2017 Agenda


Advancing strategies to reduce human ecological foodprint through sustainable consumption and production habits.


GA (DISEC, SOCHUM, EnvCom SC, AdvPan):

download download


Disarmament and International Security Committee, GA (DISEC)

  • Combating the recruitment of young people by international terrorist organisations. download download
  • Strengthening peace and security through disarmament in the Middle East and Africa. download download


Social, Cultural and Humanitarian committee, GA (SOCHUM)

  • Promoting gender equality and combating discrimination against women. download download
  • Promoting free medical care. download download


Environment Commission (EnvCom)

  • Promoting the restoration of degraded forests and landscapes in drylands. download download
  • Measures to promote water recycling and avoid the gross chemical contamination of water.
  • Tackling the acidification of oceans by reducing carbon dioxide emissions. download download


Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

  • Promoting aid for trade initiative in supporting LDCs. download download
  • Strengthening international cooperation in order to ensure a shift towards the Blue Economy. download download
  • Promoting sustainable human settlements development with a focus on big cities. download download



  • Educating for a sustainable future. download download
  • Promoting freedom of expression in order to eradicate poverty. download download
  • Measures to ensure the protection of world heritage sites. download
  • download


Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO)

  • Promoting sustainable diets within the sustainability of food systems. download download
  • Implementing the World Soil Charter. download download
  • Measures to reduce food wastage. download download


Security Council (SC)

  • The question of combating extremist groups in Nigeria. download download
  • The question of political instability in Turkey. download download


International Court of Justice

  • Chile vs Bolivia

Advisory Panel on political and legal challenges for a sustainable development

  • Advancing strategies to reduce human ecological foodprint through sustainable consumption and production habits. download download
  • Providing access to clean water with special focus on innovative technologies. download download