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GeMUN 2021 was a success with more than 300 delegates from various parts of the world and 1617 Euros raised for our Charity Partner Helpcode!

Our intention is to make the conference “in presence” with the possibility of converting to “hybrid” (live and virtual participation) in case the conditions are not favorable for this kind of event.

Dear participants of GeMUN 2022,

My name is Vittoria Malusel. This year I have the privilege of serving as Secretary General of the nineteenth annual session of Genoa Model United Nations, and I am delighted to welcome you all.


As I reflect back on the past five years, I realise that my experiences have followed one another in an amazing crescendo: at the beginning of my first year in high school I decided to become a delegate, because it is the role that best demonstrates how one’s opinions and actions can actually make a difference, no matter how insignificant they may seem. Speaking on behalf of a country is indeed a delicate yet challenging task, as delegates have to deal with the political interests of a nation. I soon realised this when I represented Peru and Venezuela at my first two conferences. My experience then reached its peak in 2019, when I represented Israel at the Portuguese IMUN and Tunisia in the Security Council during GeMUN 2020: both tasks later enabled me to become President of the 2021 GeMUN Security Council.


GeMUN has always fascinated me deeply, ever since I first heard about it. Therefore, being able not only to participate in it, but also to organise it with my fellow colleagues is an honour I will never be too grateful for. Obviously, the 2021 conference was held online due to the dire, but necessary, COVID-19 restrictions, which we all still have to abide by for our own safety and that of those around us. However, now that the regulations are loosening, we hope to organise GeMUN in presence again, in the breathtaking palaces of our city, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which make the conference environment even more delightful as they make us think of our cultural heritage while we focus on future projects after a difficult time. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, we are all determined to make the most of the 2022 Conference, always keeping in mind what has happened and what we have overcome.


The past two years have been full of effort, sacrifice and grief, but we must not forget that the pandemic has not only prevented us from attending school, meeting with our friends or going for a walk: it has, above all, exacerbated many social and economical issues the world over. Because even if we, the favored, now feel that the grip of the pandemic is loosening, it is our duty to help those who are still struggling, those who still do not have access to vaccines, those whose lives have become more unbearable than ever. This is precisely why I am announcing that the main theme of GeMUN 2022 will be “Minding the Gap”: three words that are meant to symbolise the insurmountable abyss into which some parts of the world have plunged, as already existing disparities in living standards, access to healthcare or employment have widened. During the last GeMUN we tried to address new issues that we face in our daily lives, such as economic stagnation or digitalization, while our goal this year is to take the main theme to another level by addressing the direct consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.


We are fortunate enough to be the ones who think of possible solutions, and I have no doubt that you will all do your best in each debate. MUN experiences make participants aware of how their actions, words, or objectives, even those they perceive as rather trivial, can become a relevant piece of the ever-changing puzzle of our world, and that is why I wish for all of you to take pride in the task you have been given.


I look forward to seeing and, more importantly, meeting you all in February, in compliance with the possibilities we will be offered by that time.


Yours faithfully,
Vittoria Malusel
Secretary General

The first ingredient of political stability is an informed citizen. The first ingredient of economic progress is a skilled worker. And the first ingredient of social justice is an enlightened society. Education is thus the key to global peace and prosperity. (Kofi Annan)

Eduardo Losada Cabruja