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Letter from Secretary General

Sophia Mallucci – Secretary General, GeMUN 2018

Dear guests and participants,

It is my great honour to invite you all to our 15th Genoa Model United Nations Conference where we are expecting many of you!

Genoa is a city where history and art is to be found on every corner. Our event takes place in the most famous ancient palaces of the city, such as the Palazzo Ducale, with its extraordinary frescoed ceilings.

Moreover, it features innumerable landmarks and interesting tourist attractions in a pleasant climate.

Our Experts Team is glad to announce our GeMUN 2018 Conference: Governance and Cooperation.

The fundamental question concerns good governance; the Commission of Human Rights outlined five key attributes: transparency, responsibility, accountability, participation and responsiveness to the needs of people. In this context, the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, at the World Government Summit called for a “reform where all organizations work together to be able to support governments in implementing the different crucial objectives that were approved and different other aspects of international cooperation in relation to development, are areas in which the reform of the UN is crucial in order to better sustain these processes.” The main goal is to realize the concept of a government where human rights, justice and freedom of expression are respected and equal for everyone and to encourage trust in global multilateral institutions.

Cooperation is an essential skill, not only for solving international issues but also as a personal competence.

In the last few years, nations have needed to focus on cooperation. If we look up the word cooperation in the dictionary we read: “The act of working together with someone” . So there we have it in a nutshell, collaborating and helping each other to solve the issues of our world today.

Nowadays, we witness situations where nations, instead of helping each other, are at war. Maybe not even a real armed conflict, but an economic and social hostility.

For this reason it has become even more topical to reinforce human cohesion in global communities in order to put an end to inequality, violence and exclusion. The first victims, but also the key-actors, of social transformation are young people like us who have to build bridges with communities in order to learn how to live together and accept diversity, making it a precious fortune to use for promoting a peace programme that includes, among other priorities, human rights education, skills for peaceful relations, good governance, the prevention of conflicts and peace building.

So we are looking forward to seeing our world society move from individualistic and nationalistic positions towards international peace and justice. Reaching our goal of implementing diplomacy and good governance requires us to encourage others to work in a team in order to promote peaceful and fruitful relations between all nations.

These are just some of the reasons why we have chosen this important topic.

GeMUN has a long history of important achievements and team work: our team is already working to guarantee a great conference and I’m sure GeMUN 2018 will be an amazing experience for all of us.

Our Expert Group wishes you all a fruitful conference and I look forward to meeting you all in February!

Sophia MallucciSecretary General, GeMUN 2018



It is not enough to be connected to each other. We also share our solutions, our experiences and dreams in one great community supported by human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO


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The first ingredient of political stability is an informed citizen. The first ingredient of economic progress is a skilled worker. And the first ingredient of social justice is an enlightened society. Education is thus the key to global peace and prosperity.

Kofi Annan

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